MEGA InTech Signs the MSD Pledge and Takes a Stand for Safety

MEGA InTech kicked off National Safety Month last week by co-sponsoring along with Amazon and Ansell, the first industry event solely dedicated towards MSD prevention – the Workplace Safety Summit, hosted by the National Safety Council (NSC), America’s leading non-profit safety advocate. Dr. Kevan Orvitz CEO of MEGA InTech , and Founder and President of MEGAComfort signed the MSD Pledge which aims to inspire a global movement across industries that improves workplace safety, reduces MSD risk and enhances the well-being of all workers.


MEGA InTech, part of the MEGA Group of Companies, kicked off National Safety Month this year by taking another step towards building safer workplaces and increasing worker well-being. Last week in Washington D.C., MEGA InTech along with Amazon and Ansell co-sponsored, the first industry event solely dedicated towards MSD prevention – the Workplace Safety Summit, hosted by the National Safety Council (NSC), America’s leading non-profit safety advocate.


Born out of the Council’s ground breaking MSD Solutions Lab program – launched last year to tackle this omnipresent safety challenge, which affects nearly a quarter of the world’s population – the pledge represents a first-of-its-kind commitment from employers to identify and reduce MSDs across workplaces worldwide.

Over the last two decades, the MEGA Group has been a leader in MSD prevention and an avid advocate for worker safety and wellness by providing ergonomically designed solutions and technologically engineered risk assessment and rehabilitation to many industries across North America.

Staying true to the vision of creating safer workplaces, Dr. Kevan Orvitz CEO of MEGA InTech, and Founder and President of MEGAComfort signed the MSD Pledge to join the movement of like-minded employers that will grant insider access to shared expertise, the latest research-backed insights and collaboration with industry leaders to support eah other in meeting safety goals.

Commenting on signing the Pledge, Dr. Orvitz said ‘’Work-related MSDs cost employers billions of dollars a year in worker compensation, lost productivity and absenteeism. Injuries caused by overexertion (e.g. lifting or pushing heavy objects) cost employers $13.3B alone, with additional annual costs from injuries caused by awkward posters ($4.71B), and repetitive motions ($1.66B). At the MEGA Group, we have always believed the worker safety and wellness are the building blocks of a productive environment. Every solution created at the MEGA Group, whether our ergonomically designed Anti-Fatigue Insoles and Orthotics at MEGAComfort or MEGA InTech with its new ImpactSense™ Device are created with an aim of increasing employee safety and well-being, continued Dr. Orvitz.

Dr. Orvitz added “This pledge pushes the envelope further by putting a spotlight on the importance of this issue, so workers across the globe can return home safely every day. I encourage every company, to do their part regardless of their size and sign the pledge because this initiative is for the safety of our biggest asset – our workforce”

The MSD Pledge aims to inspire a global movement across industries that improves workplace safety, reduces MSD risk and enhances the well-being of all workers. Specifically, MEGA InTech is pledging to:

  • Reduce risks by analyzing the causes of MSD injuries across operations and investing in solutions and practices that reduce risks to workers.
  • Innovate and collaborate by leveraging best practices and sharing learnings and countermeasures to expand upon innovations to improve safety practices.
  • Build an organizational culture that values safety by promoting a workplace where safety excellence, transparency, and accurate reporting are equally valued, and where everyone, at every level of the organization, is accountable for the safety and health of workers.
  • Commit to a significant reduction of MSD injuries by creating safer outcomes for millions of workers worldwide and reducing MSD risk and subsequent injuries by 25% by 2025.

The founding pledge was signed by Amazon, MEGA InTech and other industry leaders Alcon Research, LLC; Ansell Inteliforz ; Amentum; American Industrial Hygiene Association; AMP; Benchmark ESG; Cummins Inc.; Human Balance and Stability Systems, LLC; John Deere; MEGA InTech; Meteorite; Tenneco; United Airlines; and Velocity EHS.

“While there are no sirens associated with this issue, its impact is alarming — and we’re asking workplaces everywhere to join us in this effort to keep workers safe,” said Lorraine Martin, NSC president and CEO. “At NSC, our mission is not only to save lives, but also to prevent injuries and the MSD Pledge is an important step forward to help solve this problem. That way, people can spend more time doing the things they love with the people they love, which is precisely what this month, National Safety Month, represents.”

In addition to accessing free resources and new safety innovations to help reduce MSD risks, MSD pledge members will participate in the MSD Solutions Index, an annual company index that analyzes the benefits of the pledge over time. The index will aggregate data on risk reduction strategies, workplace safety culture, and innovation and collaboration, while also identifying areas for targeted action and uncovering trends to inform future approaches in solving this critical workplace safety issue.

To learn more about the MSD Pledge, the MSD Solutions Lab, or the risks associated with MSDs, visit

About MEGA InTech and MEGAComfort​

MEGA InTech and MEGAComfort are part of MEGA Group of Companies – MEGAComfort was formed as a result of the tremendous need to provide ergonomic solutions which will increase employee health and safety while at the same time be cost-effective. An innovative work-life wellness company for the workplace, we provide clinically proven and field-tested footwear accessories including patented ergonomic anti-fatigue insoles and orthotics to proactively combat pain and fatigue, while concurrently increasing wearer comfort and productivity. Over the last two decades, MEGAComfort has become the brand of choice in the industrial safety market and is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2022.

MEGA InTech is a technology solution based company which develops risk assessment and rehabilitation solutions for the workplace, to provide insightful data and analytical key metrics allowing companies to proactively maximize employee engagement, productivity, and reduce risk. The inception of MEGA InTech took place from the two decades of industry learnings, safety trends and a lack of wearable tech solution which would simplify tech integration with existing safety programs.

About the National Safety Council

The National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate – and has been for over 100 years. As a mission-based organization, we work to eliminate the leading causes of preventable death and injury, focusing our efforts on the workplace, roadway and impairment. We create a culture of safety to not only keep people safer at work, but also beyond the workplace so they can live their fullest lives.